In May –National Volunteer Week, with the theme “changing communities changing lives”. CLA would like to recognise and thank all our volunteers that have supported our caring families and our sons and daughters with an intellectual disability

The plight of ageing carers  – only 6 % of people with a disability will get an SDA housing allocation, what will happen to the 94% still living with ageing parents? Currently, there are 80,000 people waiting for social housing, where does that leave our cohort of older people with an intellectual disability since birth waiting for a tenancy offer?

CLA is looking for semi or retired people with skills in IT, Finance, Marketing or Grant Writing to assist us in obtaining appropriate supported accommodation for the hundreds of older people with an intellectual disability still living at home with ageing parents. As their ageing parent dies they will be homeless and can be placed anywhere there is a bed.

Picture of one of our members Peter 62 years still living at home with his ageing parent’s who have loved and supported Peter for 62 years. Peter is gentle & caring. His support worker Rosemary assists Peter to develop his abilities and also to access the community. Peter is one of the lucky ones he has a tenancy offer to reside in an SDA home in Rosebud

Will you help CLA to give people like Peter a place to call home before their parent die?