Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Path to follow

To test your eligibility for a SDA allocation:

Participant- short term goal –To move into accommodation that supports my needs

NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation Rules 2016 -27March 2019 includes NDIS Amendments to SDA rules 2019

SDA Eligibility is tested against these rules

  • 3.4 A participant meets the SDA assessment criteria if either
  • a -a participant has an extreme functional impairment & requires an SDA response
  • b-the participant has very high support needs most appropriately met by an SDA

Check with your support coordinator if in her opinion you would meet these guidelines ( assuming your coordinator knows your capabilities).

If the answer is yes then at your annual review NDIS planning meeting, you need to insert the goal that you wish to secure a place in supported accommodation and request ample hours (25) for an occupational therapist and specialist support coordinator who understands the SDA rules 2016 including the amendments to the SDA rules 2019.

Both the OT & support coordinator will come to your home and meet the participant, parent/carer & document information.

The OT does a clinical housing assessment report, they need to be conversant in writing this report. CLA can help with recommendations for (OT and specialist support coordinators)

The OT’s report then assist the support coordinator to write the housing plan

Families can help by gathering supporting evidence to send to the support coordinator.

Any medical records /documents that evidence the participant’s diagnosis and medical history

Any reports from other treating therapists (psychology, physio. OT, speech, etc.)

Copy of the participant’s NDIS plan

All reports need to also include NDIS reference to the suitability for the participant to be granted an SDA allocation.

If Doctors or therapists need guidance with their reports Support Coordinator can help with a draft.

Advisable for families to read drafts that the OT and the support coordinator have written. You know your person the best and also know why it is important for them to choose where they live and with whom they live. Suitable support for the person to have the best life this can only be achieved/ delivered in a SDA design category home.

Mainstream rental options are not suitable

Community Housing options and registering with Victorian Housing not suitable.

Support Coordinator compiles the application and submits it to the SDA Panel of the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) & the NDIS Planners at your local office

The SDA application & all reports (any evidence) has to assist in making a strong case for SDA

The SDA panel will hopefully approve SDA funding with set of key criteria. You will receive a confirmation letter with the SDA design category noted. Based on your SDA approval criteria, your support coordinator and CLA can assist you look at housing options available in your local area. Link you to other likeminded participants. CLA is working with several housing developers, tenancy managers and SIL providers.

CLA focus is to assist parents find suitable homes for their loved sons and daughters with an intellectual disability.

We also make sure parents are well informed on the SDA journey, knowledge is empowerment and that leads to the parent/guardian being able to lead conversations and achieve positive outcomes for participants

We Care for the participant and their parents/carers

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