Marie HELL


Sri Lankan born Marie was widowed after 44 years of marriage to her soulmate Karl. They raised three sons who now provide Marie with five Grandchildren.

Jeffrey, their second son was born with Tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC), prompting Marie and Karl to find other devoted parents with the intention to provide support & find services for children and adults with an intellectual disability. Their tireless efforts resulted in the Melba Centre and the Mt Evelyn SDS being established. Their passion clearly recognised, found both holding down senior positions on boards wherever they lived.

A loving mother, successful business woman and some 15 years in Aged Care (15) years, Marie still had the energy to support her husband in Mt Evelyn Lions Club and Melba fundraising.

Retiring to the Peninsula in 2003, they brought with them their passion to provide support and guidance. Acknowledging the lack of suitable housing for adults with an intellectual disability, Community Lifestyle Accommodation was founded in Nov 2010. Marie took on the role as secretary and continues to this day to hold this crucial position within CLA.

Much of Marie’s strength comes from her late husband Karl. For nearly four decades he demonstrated his compassion, patience and an unwavering determination to assist others. Marie took to understanding the complexities of the NDIS and together they formed the dynamic duo, becoming the voice for so many carers and individuals with a cognitive intellectual disability to have equal rights as any citizen in our community enjoys and making choices about all aspects of their lives.

“My commitment is to work with CLA to develop housing options for older adults with an intellectual disability still living at home with ageing parents. My passion is to convince Governments to fund independent regional grassroots carer support networks –We have the knowledge & know the needs of our cohort. (Local Support Local Solutions)”