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International Day of Happiness (20th March)

Theme: Happier Together

 How do you see Happiness?

It would appear that 2020 has started badly with our world experiencing significant challenges.  So what’s different?

Our world faces challenges daily.

Our Bushfires and the tragic loss of life; Floods and the devastation to homes, businesses and of course the Corona-virus that continues to challenge the world.

While we can argue if man has contributed to these events, many are not.  What we do know is that when people work together to tackle these challenges, not only do we tend to resolve these issues far more quickly, but we do so through a sense of community and desire to address a common cause.

During these times, our true humanity and generosity become evident.  Celebrating our successes brings joy and satisfaction that the teamwork has delivered positive results.

We need to capitalise on these events to demonstrate our community spirit.

March 20, we celebrate International Happiness Day – ‘Happier Together’.  We should use this day to encourage all to join a community activity or cause and build those strong relationships providing positive contributions to your local tribe.

Happy Happiness Day from CLA

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