Our Objectives


To provide appropriate housing, combined with individual support, to meet the changing needs of adults with an intellectual disability.

To provide support, assistance and advocacy for families of adults with disabilities, and to identify and liaise with appropriate service and accommodation providers on behalf of those families.

Our commitment is to provide:

  • a flexible service model
  • an opportunity to live with choice
  • accessible and secure living
  • training to live independently
  • the opportunity to live with choice, friendship and well-being
  • skilled support to enable integration and community inclusion.


– A practical solution for the person with an intellectual disability, to live independently of their parents in a home of their own.

– Ageing parents receive better support through relief from day-to-day care.

– Long-term care in an inspiring living environment.

– Infrastructure which will manage the costs of long-term care.

– Opportunities for residents to live with friends in a vibrant and diverse community.

– People with a disability gain a sense of achievement within their own home.